Feline Natural Natural Milk for Cats

K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)
K9 Natural Milk for Cats (6982854607009)

Feline Natural Natural Milk for Cats

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Affs J
Pet type: Cat
Pet Breed: Norwegian Forest
Pet Age: 1+
Great price!

Best price!

Our milk is the perfect daily supplement, one of the best additions you can make to your cat's diet. With Omega 3, lactose free and no artificial preservatives or flavours - Feline Natural Cat Milk retains all the natural goodness your cat deserves. 

Dogs love the taste of milk, however most cats are unable to naturally process the lactose in milk and often get digestive issues.

Our new milk has broken down the lactose by adding lactase to make it safe for your dog to drink. All the benefits of milk without any of the issues.

  • Liquid Milk in a resealable bottle for easy serving
  • Lactose Free for easy digestion
  • Taurine aids heart health, eye health &immune system function
  • Flaxseed Oil / Omega 3 helps with a shiny, itch free coat & increased immunity
  • Calcium contributing to growth, healthy bones & teeth, muscle building & healthy nervous system
  • Suitable for weaned Kittens
  • Store at room temperature until opened, then refrigerate and use within 5 days

    Suitable for:

    • All cats of size and age.
    • Suitable for Kittens


    Weight Kittens
    Per day

    This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

    These feeding recommendations are a guide only as your individual dog's requirements may vary. 

    Country of origin:

    • Made in New Zealand. 
    • All our wholefood ingredients are sourced in New Zealand, are of human-grade quality and can be traced from the farm gate, to your pet’s plate.


    Feline Natural 


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