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    Dogs Life range of Wipes, Dental care & Grooming products for Dogs

    It’s estimated that there are over 100,000 dogs being kept as pets in the Singapore. When you consider the overall human population of Singapore is around 6 million, it demonstrates that we’re clearly a nation of dog lovers.

    At DogsLife, like the rest of the nation, we’re mad about Malamutes and dizzy for Dalmatians. Which means we also like seeing them on top form.

    Our range of affordable dog care products are designed to ensure your pooch remains a picture of health, allowing you to be the person your dog deserves.

    From sorting out those gnarly gnashers to super-charging their vitamin intake with a range of savory supplements. Our dog's health cup runneth over.

    But when it comes to taking proper care of your companion, it pays to ensure you know about the products you’re using. Where do they come from? What’s in them? And what are the benefits?

    At DogsLife you can be sure our range of canine care products have been produced by dog lovers for dog lovers.

    Your Dog Deserves The Best

    Our affordable dog supplies are made by dog people for dog people. Purpose built for helping you negotiate the tricky but terrific road of pooch ownership.

    From canine grooming tools to travel accessories, you can trust our products to pamper your pup.

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