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Great raw food

A convenient way of raw feeding. No packaging waste and self seal recyclable packs.

Good quality and our pup lives it

100% The Best!

I use this on my personal pets quite a bit! I have 8 dogs, all with different things going on. Works for almost anything! I also run a dog rescue and recommend this product to all my fosters. Best product out there.

Great food my boys are actually excited at meal times now.Clean bowls and the health benefits are already noticeable,**** gland problem gone,no more scooting on the carpet,less wind and firm poops.


Food is devoured within seconds!!! Our pup absolutely loves it I would not buy anything else now and has settled his sensitive stomach

2nd Fav

My chihuahuas second favorite. This is clearly high quality and less jelly than other brands out there


Food is devoured within seconds!!! Our pup absolutely loves it I would not buy anything else now and has settled his sensitive stomach

Smells Good

Normally natural ingredients have an overpowering oil but this kind actually smells good. Im all about natural ingredients when I can get them too. I will definitely be buying this again!

The product is superb, my 4 month old pup loves it, never anything left in his bowl.


We have used Green Goo to cure our ducks of bumblefoot. Thankfully, weve only had to deal with this problem a couple of times, but we soaked their foot in a warm water/Epsom Salt soak for a few minutes, dried it and then applied Green Goo. Within 20 - 30 minutes, there was noticeable improvement! Only one of our ducks needed a second treatment, and all of our ducks were completely cured by the next morning. Green Goo is AMAZING stuff and we are SO thankful to have found it!!

McAdams Free Range Chicken & Prawns Wet Cat Food 100g
Claire S
Never bored

Great high quality cat food. Cat always eats it and has not yet got bored of McAdams after over a year of eating it almost exclusively.

Not allergic

Great. Cat eats the lot and even though shes slightly allergic to fish this one does not seem to irritate her skin.

Pet type: Cat
Cat nip

My cat loves it i attached a rope to one end and tied to a stick. The crab will wiggle and inspire your cat to chase it.

Nothing else needed.

My dog will not eat anything else.

Awesome Stuff!

Ive used this on my dogs, cat, and most recently on one of my horses on a bite on her neck from another horse. Its amazing how fast it works! Keep one at home and one at the barn!!!

A Lot Of Uses For A Lot Of Different Dogs

I own/operate a canine boarding/day care facility and have lots of dogs in & out every day: running and playing hard in the Colorado weather. I always have plenty of Animal First Aid on hand! From scrapes and cuts to sore pads and paws, I can feel good about applying it to my customers dogs ailments knowing that it is a natural product of high quality and therapeutic value! It is also great for doggy noses that have got dry/chap from the harsh mountain sun and air. Thank you Green Goo for thinking of our canine family members ?

Cat approved

Bag is easy to open and close. Our cat approves, and thats good enough for me. :)

Cat loves it

Cat loves it. Contains only British and free range turkey so much higher welfare standards.


Great service, fast delivery and Scooter loves it!

Good quality

Good quality cat love it nice

Looks amazing

The best wet food i've ever seen!

Good quality

A bit expensive but super good quality

Fussy eater

the only food my fussy cockapoo eats

Freddy tick of approval

Another one of Freddys fav flavours !

Love free range

My four legged has this food as a topper to his usual food and loves it. I love it because its British free range chicken and not been intensively farmed