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Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: French Bulldog
Pet Age: 7 months old
Great Supplement!

My dog doesn’t have any skin/coat issues in the first place but he was shedding quite a bit. After trying this, he’s shedding lesser! His coat is more smooth and shiny too! Super awesome!

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: French Bulldog
Pet Age: 7 months old
Gatchews - Mussels

Highly recommended!

It’s not too tough to chew!! We always had trouble finding such chews for Blue! It’s crunchy and chewy! He loves it! It actually smells really good too! After letting Blue try, he kept coming to me and asking for more!

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Golden Retriever
Pet Age: 5
5/5 would purchase again

this kept my pup entertained for a good 20mins while we bathed him!

pup’s stools were soft from his first time having peanut butter but no serious tummy ache or allergies observed

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: cavapoo
Pet Age: 6mths old
packaging not secure

the product wasnt secured properly and spilled in the box of my items when it arrived. since this is coconut oil, it made alot of my items rlly oily

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Bichon frise
Pet Age: Unknown (came from shelter)
Our dog sticks to it!

This coffee wood dog chew is our dog’s new favorite. She loves to chew on it and we’re happy that we bought it. Will definitely buy again when this chew is gone!

Pet type: Dog
Highly Recommended Pet Store

They are up and coming online pet store, the selections are very high quality and I love that they are championing sustainability. I have ordered twice from them and each order were shipped promptly and arrived within a day or two. But each time there was a wrong item which they rectified very quickly. It seems as they are a small business that just started, they may not have streamlined the fulfilment process yet and so mistakes are bound to happen :)

Pet type: Cat
Pet Age: 2
KitKat Charcol Soya Litter

Still prefer soya litter than other types, prefer confetti scent but oos so tried charcoal ones

Rose Dog Macarons
Marilyn Lim
Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Golden Retriever
Pet Age: 7mths old (8-10yrs)
Taste as good as it looks

This is one of Thymz's favourite treats. She is a 7mth old Goldie. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks because she finishes the snack so fast that I do not have time to snap a gd photo.

Pet type: Cat
Pet Age: 3
Kit Kat Soya Litter

it clumps easily and safe environment as i can flush them down

Pet type: Dog
Dogs go nuts for this peanut butter

What a reaction!! This is a quality product made from natural ingredients and is not harmful to dogs. My dog has tried loads of different peanut butters and he definitely enjoys this one the most. The Happy Town Pets team have sourced a great product here and I am going to stock up, my dog would definitely not be happy if I didn't!

Pet type: Dog
Watch your dog go wild!

These disappeared in minutes, he's spoilt in many ways and I have never seen my dog react this way before!!

Pet type: Dog
Delicious my dog is ecstatic!

Birthday treat for our dog, he went crazy over these, definitely a great present for a very special man!

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Singapore village dog
Pet Age: 3.5
Ringos food

I use the Beco wild boar dry dog food as a treat aswell
And it’s as high a value treat as some other food

Pet type: Cat
Pet Breed: Persian
Pet Age: 25
Kit Cat Soya Cat Litter

I love how well the litter is packed and nicely delivered. My cat took time to adjust to the litter as it was not our usual litter that we purchase! The Litter smell is great and doesnt go off after a while which is a plus point! Thank you for selling this! will buy more in the future!

Pet type: Cat
Pet Breed: Norwegian Forest
Pet Age: 1+
Great price!

Best price!

Pet type: Cat
Pet Breed: Munchkin
Pet Age: 10
Excellent service

I wanted to purchase the pumpkin for pets urgently but most store are not able to provide self pick up at such a last minute arrangement.
But Happy Town Pet offer me a grab delivery on the spot !!! Omg so happy to have found this store online! Really thanks alot for the immediate speedy delivery for my constipated kitty!

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: English Bulldog
Pet Age: 4 years old
Good organic supplement for English Bulldogs

Keeping his fragile coat in good condition despite breed not really suitable in our tropical climate ... GOOD!

Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Cavapoo
Pet Age: 9
Happy dog!

Dog can’t wait to get stuck into it. Keeps her occupied for a long time.

Great! It's a little large for my mini pom but he likes the taste so I'll be ordering again in smaller pieces.


Our dog loves this food - never have any issues where he doesnt eat

Eco & tasty

My dog lives this, and I love the packaging and sustainability

Fantastic product!

As a dog groomer, it is extremely important to me that I use a shampoo which is both gentle on a dog's skin but also on mine. Gentle shampoo products and a clean coat don't always go hand in hand, but the Smith & Burton Dermal and Soothing ranges tick all the boxes. I am looking forward to trying the whole range

Rose Dog Macarons
Berenice L

Super great all the dogs that live with me loooove them so much!!!