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    King Catnip Organic Loose Leaf (7568612491506)
    King Catnip Organic Loose Leaf (7568612491506)
    King Catnip Organic Loose Leaf pack
    King Catnip
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    If you're a cat lover, you know that there's nothing quite like watching your furry friend go wild for some good quality catnip. Happy Town Pets offers a range of loose catnip products that are sure to delight even the most discerning feline.

    Our loose catnip products are made from premium-grade, organic catnip that's been carefully harvested and processed to preserve its potency and freshness. We offer various options, including loose catnip leaves, buds, and pellets, as well as catnip spray and toys.

    Not only is catnip a great way to stimulate your cat's senses and provide them with some fun and entertainment, but it can also have some health benefits. Catnip has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety in cats, as well as aid with digestion and improve sleep quality.

    So whether you're looking to add some excitement to your cat's playtime, or you want to help them relax and unwind, our loose catnip products are the perfect solution. Shop our selection today and give your cat the gift of a happy, healthy, and stress-free life

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