Find the perfect chew & treats

Happy Town Pets - Chew guide


Chew times can vary depending on the type of product, ingredients and size of your pet.  We have tried our best to help guide you based on an average dog chew time. 

Experiment with your pet and find the right chew time length.


Whether its a treat, or something to keep them busy for a while. You can find the perfect treat or chew for every Dog or Cat


Short Chew Time

Great for small to medium dogs or simply a small easy to eat treat.


Medium Chew Time

These treats are a little tougher or bigger than the small chew time treats.  These are also great for all sized dogs.  Small dogs will enjoy these as they are little longer and tougher than the small chews.


Long Chew Time

These are perfect for heavy chewers or larger breeds.  Small & Medium breeds will still enjoy some of these (but not the larger bones)