Blue Pet Co - Healthy & Nutritious Supplements for your Dog

Blue Pet Co - Healthy & Nutritious Supplements for your Dog

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    Blue Pet Co healthy, eco-friendly Supplements for Dogs


    The science behind our supplements

    Harvesting the best of what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer, all-natural supplements feature proprietary seaweed complexes PhyCoidan™ & PhytoMara™, for active dogs of all breeds and sizes

    Blue Pet Co is a range of clean, marine powered nutritional supplements tailored to meet your dog’s specific health needs. Each formula is unique, enriched in organic seaweed complexes and micronutrients, carefully selected to take care of your dog’s nutritional needs.

    At Blue Pet Co, we are as passionate about the marine environment as we are about dogs. Seaweeds and algae are recognised across the world as a highly nutritious superfood, just as beneficial for animal as humans. To source these, Blue Pet Co has gone to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to sustainably and regeneratively hand harvest seaweeds. From these, we isolate the marine complexes in Blue Pet Co products, using clean zero waste technologies..

    Passionate about your dog’s health needs

    At Blue Pet Co, we know that the love between owner and dog is unconditional. You’ll never find a truer or more loyal friend –  a playmate, a guardian, a psychologist, a sounding board – but most of all, a source of love and joy every single day.
    For many of us, they are  not the family pet – they are ‘family’.

    And like all members of our families, we want the best for them.
    They give us so much that we owe them the very best of love and care in return.

    Part of that loving caring attitude is Blue Pet Co. We offer a range of exceptional canine supplements enriched to take care of all
    your dog’s nutritional needs.

    Isn’t it the least they deserve?


    To sustainably harness the health and regenerative powers of the ocean to benefit pets, people and our planet


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