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     Norah's range of foods and treats are 100% natural and nutritious and designed specifically for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs & birds. They are made in the UK, with wholesome ingredients, and no added colours or flavours.


    Tasty nuggets for healthy pets

    Norah’s range of food and treats includes 100% Natural Vegetable Nuggets for rabbits and guinea pigs, with no added colours or flavours. These wholesome nuggets are high in quality fibre and are the same size and shape to ensure your furry friend gets a balanced diet in every bite.

    Our 100% Natural Vegetable Nuggets also contain lignocellulose, a natural plant fibre that’s scientifically proven to improve your pet’s digestive health and prevent hairballs.

    Keeping the bounce in bunnies

    Rabbits and guinea pigs can suffer from swollen, uncomfortable limbs, so we add glucosamine to our tasty nuggets as it’s a great supplement for rebuilding and protecting their joints.

    Our nuggets also contain De-Odorase, a natural ingredient derived from yucca plants that reduces odour from urine and faeces, aids stool function and is clinically proven to promote respiratory health.

    Treats for tiny mouths

    Why not discover the rest of Norah’s range? Made in the UK, we’ve lots of natural treats for small animals and rodents. From Oat Cookies for nibbling and Banana Slices packed with vitamins and minerals, to our Meadow Mix and calming Lavender & Chamomile Salad, your pet is sure to adore them.


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