Benefits Of Bone Broth For Dogs or Cats By Samantha Beard

There are so many reasons why Dogs & Cats benefit from the slow cooked meaty goodness of bone broth.

How we make our bone broth

True bone broth is made by simmering bones, water and Dogs & Cats friendly herbs and vegetables slowly over at least 12 hours.

This slow, long cooking process draws all the minerals, amino acids & glucosamine out of the bones and the collagen out of the connective tissue and cartilage into the broth. The smaller bones will tend to crumble at the end of the cooking process.

Benefits for your best friend

Bone broth is a great addition to your Dogs & Cats current diet. Not only does bone broth encourage a healthy gut by improving your Dogs & Cats digestion, but it strengthens joints and reinforces your Dogs & Cats immune system.

Bone broth is full of important nutrients like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, collagen, and gelatin that Dogs & Cats need.

The collagen in the broth help heal and seal the gut. It soothes an irritated digestive system and helps recover from illness. Collagen and glucosamine in the broth is also great for joint, coat and skin health.

Glycine is an amino acid found in the broths that is good to help liver detoxification. Dogs & Cats can come across all sorts of toxic stuff on their day to day travels such as chemicals in the home or sprayed on the grass at the park.

Broth will help flush out these toxins on a daily basis and keep your Dogs & Cats healthy.

Another benefit of the broth is it tastes so good! Dogs & Cats love it and it can entice fussy eaters to eat. It is also a really good way to keep your furry friend hydrated in the warmer months.

How to ‘mix it up’

The good thing about broth is you don’t need to give your Dogs & Cats a lot to see benefits – you can pour it over their regular meal, rehydrate dehydrated food, freeze into ice block treats and you can even add some blueberries or favourite chopped veggies to the ice blocks!

Taking a quick look through our Instagram page you can see how versatile bone broth can be. Our loyal customers are always finding ways to incorporate their pets favourite flavour into treats and their daily food.

They need it for overall health

Bone broth is suitable for Dogs & Cats of all stages of life. Perfect for a puppy to support growing bones and joints and also for older Dogs & Cats that need support with joint and digestive health.


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