Benefits Of Catnip Toys For Cats

Catnip, Benefits of this amazing herb for Cats

Most cat parents have a massive concern about relieving their cats from boredom.  Felines are well-known for being picky about their toys.  If you belittle your cat, it may enjoy playing with shredded furniture and broken knick-knacks.

But, there is an equally vital way to catch your cat's interest with catnip.

What is catnip?  What about it makes cats go out of their mind with joy?

Read more to understand why catnip relieves stress and brings out cat happiness.  You will also get to know the benefits of catnip toys for cats.

Understanding More About Catnip

Catnip is classified as a mint plant.  Previously it was termed “Nepeta cataria  ."It is a perennial herb that matures up to three feet up.  It has a compound that is non-addictive and entirely safe for cats.  Catnip triggers stereotypical habits and reactions in cats.

Catnip brings out different behaviors in every cat.  After taking the herb, some cats may react by rolling around, turning over, and being excited and wild.  Other cats won't change at all.

The wild and uncontrollable joy goes only for 5-10 minutes.  But in some felines, it can go up to 60 minutes.

Consequently, kittens do not show any reaction to catnip.  Only pussycats 3-6 months old and above react to the smell of this herb. 

There is no other excellent moment than watching your cat get hyper due to the dried herb. 

However, it would be best if you also understood that catnip has health benefits for your cat.  It improves your cat's mental and physical well-being. 

Benefits Of Catnips For Cats   

It Brings Extra Joy During Playtime

Due to the risks that come with hunting wildlife and speeding cars, cats that do not have a home are known to have a shorter life span than those that are domesticated. 

On the other hand, indoor cats can live long lives, but they are physically weak compared to outdoor cats.  If you do not give your domesticated cat a balanced diet and enough exercise, it can become unenergetic and obese.

Providing catnip to a less active pussycat can change its behavior and motivate it during playtime.

After getting your cat’s toys, place some catnip on a small plate and position it adjacent to your cat.  When you realize the cat's mood has changed, use your batons, stuffed toy, or any other kind of toy you have around to engage your feline in a vibrant playtime.

Catnip can make the cat feel full of energy and assist it in maximizing its physical health.

Catnip Provides Contentment To Bothered Cats

The behavior in dogs is different from the one in cats.  Cats distance themselves from humans and act less concerned about engaging with people.  They all need affection and care, even if you have a fearful or difficult cat.

A disturbed or preoccupied feline will look for ways to occupy itself if you are not there for it.

Sadly, an abandoned cat can execute its aggressiveness on your items or furniture.

Putting some catnip on scratching poles, cat trees, and toys can ascertain your cat's distraction away from your assets.  Some surfaces are not suitable for dried catnip sprinkling, like vertical scratching poles, but you get a catnip spray to cover hard surfaces.

It Assists During Training

Persuading your feline to be in their carrier to go for a vet appointment can annoy you and make you chase your cat around your home.  Cats are cunning and very bright.  They will link the carrier with their last visit to the vet, which was disturbing.

The night before you visit the vet with your cat, you can take out the carrier from where you store it and position it around the cat's toys or resting place.  Place some catnip on the inside and outside areas of the carrier to persuade the cat not to fear.

You can also gift catnip to the cat after seeing the vet.  Every creature is afraid of injections and vaccinations; this also happens to cats. 

After the vet injects your kitty, feed it with an edible catnip treat, or issue it with a catnip toy to relieve its anxiety and congratulate it for behaving well.

Catnip Provides Peace of Mind and Reduces Stress

The moment a cat inhales catnip, they become happy and active.  But, consuming the herb can release the opposite response.  When a cat feeds on catnip, it releases a calming effect, and others will calmly sleep even after taking a small amount.

The relaxing effect is profitable for cats with distressing problems and those that have moved to a new place.

You can apply catnip when you have a new cat in your home to calm it down.  Put some catnip where it sleeps, on the beddings, and scratch poles to release the anxiety.

Catnip Can Make Bath Sessions More Interesting  

Ideally, all cats dislike bath time.  You can have a challenging time when bathing your cat.

After a close look, you will realize you have several bites and scratches from the cat’s furious attacks, but the fights can be reduced by including catnip in the bathwater.  

If you are giving your dog a warm bath, the water will not be adequately hot for the catnip to soak, but you can prepare catnip tea by adding a teaspoon of dried catnip to a hot cup of water.  After it cools down, pour it into the bathwater.  The fragrance will calm the stressed pet, and it can also comfort the cat’s skin.

It is not advisable to bathe your cat regularly.  Do it when it is dirty or has been infested with pathogens.

Catnip Contains Curative Benefits

Research shows that Asia uses catnip to treat minor medical problems.  Fortunately, catnip can be used to treat your cat's minor bruises to stimulate heating. Make a medicinal pap by crushing the leaves and stems from catnip by adding a few tablespoons of water. 

Knowing the benefits catnip provides to your feline, it is all in your hands now to use it on your cat and see how they react to the magic herb.  You will equally have fun, and your cat will enjoy every bit of catnip.    


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