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Every dog enjoys meal time. We all love how dogs gulp in the air as they try to eat faster. Especially if you have more than one dog, you will realize they feed faster as they compete with each other.

However, various challenges arise when your pooch feeds faster. Especially if your dog is a big breed, they will suffer from certain complications due to eating quickly.

When swallowing down food, they act as if they are swallowing down much air, which leads to stomach bloating, which can be dangerous.

The dog can also experience gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, and gasping.

TO help slow their intake of food, try a slow feeder bowl.

Every man's best friend requires enough food and water for them to have fed on a balanced diet.

It would be best to have a bowl where you serve your dog food and another where you serve them water.

Also, when travelling best to have a travel bowl handy/

Our best friends have a keen sense of smell; therefore, you need to be cautious about how to serve them their meals and drinks. If a bowl smells of meat and you use it to serve water, they will most likely refuse to take the water.

You can visit the store and check out Beco and Gatchews bowls. We have a variety, and you are allowed to choose that which will make your dog happy and comfortable when drinking from it.

Alongside the dogs that eat very well, gulp in food fast, and drink water without problems, we have those who eat slowly and others who refuse to take water.

First, you should be aware that your dog should be feeding slowly. Never be happy when your dog is eating faster; they are adding more harm to themselves. On the other hand, dogs that refuse to drink water must be experiencing a problematic issues in their bodies.

Reasons Your Dog Is Not Drinking Water As much as dogs love food, they have much love for the water. Hence, if your dog is not taking water, they suffer from a particular problem.

If your dog declines from drinking water for 24 hours, visit a vet to diagnose the problem before it worsens.

We have come up with the main reasons why your dog would refuse drinking water;

1. Your dog can refuse to take water if it has a mouth injury or a dental problem. You will realize that dogs love holding up sticks with their mouths, chewing bones, toys, and other items with a rough texture. These items may break or splinter, causing injuries inside or around the dog's mouth, which later causes pain for the damaged tooth.

On the other hand, an older dog has been chewing for many years, which can lead to dental problems. The dental problems cause a lot of pain, hurting the dog when it tries drinking water. If these problems are not checked immediately, they may become infected gums or broken teeth.

It appears abnormal for a dog not to drink water. If they have these problems, they may struggle to drink water after their bodies are dehydrated.

2. If your mongrel realizes a change of taste in the water you have served them, they may decline to take the water. Mongrels are very sensitive and have smart brains, and they will detect even the slightest change in the water source. Most of the time, when your dog refuses to drink water, it can show that they are distressed by your idea to swap out their normal water source with a different one.

Most of the time, as the dog owner, you sometimes have limited options, especially when you have traveled to a different location. You tend to give your dog distilled water because there is no tap water, or you will notice that your dog has started taking rainwater which is not good for their health.

3. Your dog may refuse to drink water because of a health problem. In some cases, diseases can also affect the amount of water your pooch can consume. For instance, kidney disease is known to cause nausea as it grows, resulting in affected mongrels refusing to take their food or drink water.

Regularly, these health problems will accompany other symptoms, like vomiting or diarrhea, and the dog will refuse to take water from his bowl, perhaps because of weakness or nausea.

Taking your dog to the vet is essential if you notice they have difficulty taking water.

4. Your dog can refuse to drink water because of fear/ worry. Anxious dogs subject to fear can refuse to take water when they feel worried or fearful. If you have a dog suffering from anxiety, try finding out what makes them feel worried and take the necessary steps to minimize their stress.

For instance, it is normal for dogs to become distressed when around other mongrels while eating or drinking. If you realize that is the problem, you can shift the other dogs to another space or provide more bowls around the house for your anxious dog. It is also best to move the bowl to a quiet place away from areas with loud or weird noises because our best friends can develop negative relations with such areas around your home.

5. Your dog may refuse to take water from a bowl in public due to area dominancy. If you have a dog that won't drink water from a bowl in public, don't judge them because they feel like another person has used the bowl. It makes sense if your dog refuses to take water from a bowl placed in public because it thinks that the bowl belongs to another dog and they want to be confronted.

Lack of drinking water can be dangerous for young dogs, especially those with health issues. Hence, if you have a dog, either a young one or an older one, who declines to take water from its bowl, it becomes stressful. If you are in a position to recognize when your pup is dehydrated, it can help you know when to visit the vet.

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