Hidden Dangers of Cat Litter

I was really surprised to find out that most of the common litter choices are actually dangerous for not only cats, but also for myself, my family, and the environment!

There are many different types of litters to choose from - so many in fact, that it gets rather stressful sometimes!  What does my cat need in a litter? What do I need?

Wild cats (and dogs or most animals) look for sandy soil, which allows them to dig, and they prefer to keep their business hidden. A good litter should replicate the natural instinct that a cat can easily dig in.

Also, wild cats do not return to the same spot to avoid predators, so it must be easy for me to keep clean (it's always a good idea to clean the litter box daily!).

However, the biggest concerns are cat’s health and environment.


The Dangers of Clay Litter

Clay litter is very popular and one of the most recognized type of litter among cat owners. It’s great for odor control, relatively easy to scoop, and many cats have no problem with learning to dig in clay litter. However, there are several problems with clay litter!

First, there's the huge amount of dust. Some cats can inhale enough dust that it can cause lung issues, and possible death. And, the dust contains a hidden chemical that makes it even more toxic, and brings me to the second problem with clay litter: sodium bentonite.  This is what causes the clumping action in clay litter, and it's especially dangerous when ingested...which all cats will do when they lick their paws after using the litter box. Clay litter can cause intestinal blockages which can lead to death, and the sodium bentonite is also a known health hazard for people.

The third problem with clay litter is that it's environmentally destructive in addition to being a health hazard! Clay litter is stripe mined from otherwise pristine natural environments, killing native wildlife, ruining their habitat, and dumping tons and tons of silt into rivers and the ocean, where it chokes aquatic life and further destroys the ecosystem.  

To make matters worse, and the fourth problem with clay litter, is that all of that used litter ends up in a landfill. Hundreds of thousands of tons of clay litter end up in a landfill each year!

The bottom line is that, although clay litter is cheap, that's about the only benefit it offers.  It's harmful for your cat, it's harmful for you, and it's harmful for the planet.  Lets move on shall we!


The Dangers of Paper Litter

This litter type made from recycled newspaper.  This is a good idea in theory because it's being recycled, and it's easy for cats to dig in.  But that's where the benefits end, because just like with clay litter, a dangerous clumping compound is added to paper litter.  

You guessed it: sodium bentonite, a compound that is known to be a health hazard to people and kitties.  Without this clumping agent, paper litter wouldn't clump! Paper litter also isn't very absorbent, doesn't control odors very well, and ultimately, ends up in a landfill right alongside clay litter, making it not a good alternative to clay and crystal litter.


Plant-Based Litters - the Healthy and Planet-Safe Alternative!

In response to many cat owners and also the environmentally impact this new type of Cat litter is emerging. 

Plant-based litter can be made from corn, wheat, or soy. The benefits of using these litters is that no clumping agent is needed and dust is kept to a minimum, or completely non-existent. Many of these litters are flushable as well.

I tried to like corn and wheat litters, but they have a few problems: they tend to attract pests (or even come with them!), they don't clump very well, they track all over the place, and they're not very good at odor control.  The upside is that they're relatively inexpensive and biodegradable.  However, they just didn't tick all the boxes for me - I wanted something better at odor control and clumping!


Kit Cat Cat Litter

Kit Cat Soya Clump Cotton Candy is a lightly scented Charcoal. 100 percent biodegradable soy-based cat litter. This specific product is made from the insoluble sections of soybeans used in the processing of soy milk. These insoluble pieces are normally mostly disposed of in a landfill, but for this 'wasted' content to be used as cat litter, Kit Cat creates a second function, marking us as Eco-Friendly.

Kit Cat Snow Peas is a 100% eco-friendly cat litter that is a healthier alternative for both cats and owners. Created with natural green pea fiber, this litter is a safe and non-toxic formula. Free from harmful ingredients, all cat owners can have a peace of mind.

It has excellent liquid absorbent features that effectively eliminate odors naturally. This litter is also 99% dusty free which leaves no paw tracks.

The Kit Cat Snow Peas is a unique and innovative formulation that offers a fast and easy cleanup process with quick clumping capabilities. Created to be eco-friendly, the clumps can be repurposed as organic garden fertilizer.