How to celebrate your Dog's Birthday in style with Happy Town Pets


As if you don’t celebrate your pup 365 days a year already, there’s always one day that you have to step it up a notch - their birthday of course! So what should you do to make their day extra special? There are plenty of things that you may already be doing that we can amplify to make it a pawfect day that your furry friend won’t soon forget!



One of the best ways to help your canine companion celebrate is by throwing a birthday pawty! Call up all of the dog-moms you know and get your pups best furfriends together for a day of fun for your pup!

First, you’ll need to plan the guest list. Invite your dog’s best furfriends that will make their birthday extra special! If you’re still thinking about a theme, why don’t you go with Paris this year? The Eiffel tower, luxurious cafés, fashion, mimosas (for all of the dog-moms on the invite list), complete with French-inspired dog macarons! Your pup will be the talk of the party. Keep reading for more ideas to make your dog’s birthday extra special.



If you’re like me, the majority of our phone storage is all pictures of our pups growing up. Mostly them sleeping or laying around the house and they’re not the greatest quality pictures, but we love them. So for your pup’s big day, up your photo game! Contact a pet photographer in your area that will snap some pictures of your pup and their friends. Dress them up and pick the location! 



Each of our pups has their own favorite games that they get so excited to play every single time. Maybe your pup's favorite game is just some classic fetch around the house. Well again- SPICE. IT. UP! Think of some games to have at your pup’s birthday pawty! You could hide treats around your house for the dogs to find, you could create an obstacle course, or even have them make a craft for their dog-moms!



Last but most certainly not least, what birthday celebration is complete without some treats or presents? Your little pup should be spoiled and even more so on their special day. If you don’t already keep a decadent treat laying around for them, stock up on the royal treat-ment for them and their Furfriends for their birthday this year! The gestures of your love will furever be sealed with the luxurious experience of enjoying all-natural, handmade, French delicacy - made with 100% human-grade ingredients, like that of our Bonne Et Filou macarons.


Also a great range of toys  to make the perfect day.