How To Select The Ideal Food For Your Cat

How to choice the best, Healthy Cat Food

Giving a cat an advanced lifestyle should be the priority of every pet owner, beginning with giving them food. Together with adequate fresh water, the cat requires the best cat food. The meal should be a balanced diet, with carbohydrates, proteins, specific types of fats, and vital vitamins and minerals to maintain her active behavior.

Feeding your cat is among the most significant ways you can ensure your cat stays healthy, excited, and active. However, when you have multiple food choices, you easily confuse what cat food you should purchase. Some people choose to get the most affordable cat food, attractive, with the best smell, or the most reviewed cat food. Every cat parent has found themselves in such a situation. But is that the ideal food for your cat?

We have come up with ways to help you choose the best food for your feline; these are the best tips for a cat lover!

Understand The Nutritional Needs Of Your Cat

Among the tasks of choosing the best cat food is understanding the ideal cat food components. Cat food includes primary nutrients like proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates.

  • Proteins – as a pet lover, you know that cats are committed carnivores and meat lovers and have to eat meat to sustain their healthy bodies. Cats require protein nutrients like taurine and arachidonic acid which can only be found in meat. Cats being predators is known even in history, and they need a diet with huge amounts of proteins; the food should contain fewer fats and few carbohydrates.
  • Amino and fatty acids – amino acids are the building components of proteins. The two most known amino acids are Leucine and Lysine, which helps cats build and keep muscles and bones strong; these amino acids also help in blood circulation, improve how organs work, and improve skin and coat look.

Younger felines have more energy than older cats, which demands high protein levels.

  • Vitamins and Minerals – you should ensure you include a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Ensure your cats’ food have the following; vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, Folic acid, B12, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Zinc. These vitamins and minerals are the building nutrients of healthy joints, bones, and teeth.

Feeding your cat with a balanced diet means that you do not have to include additives in your cat’s meals. Ensure that your first contact your vet before including any additives to a cat because some can endanger their bodies.

  • Carbohydrates – carbs get a bad image because if eaten without limits, they tend to become excess fats in the body. However, carbs are essential as proteins to maintain the playful mood of your pal. Cats can digest carbohydrates with minimal difficulties and utilize them in every activity.

The best carbs to feed your cat include; rice, oats, and potatoes. Note that dry kibbles contain high levels of carbohydrates than wet, freeze-dried, or fresh food. When purchasing cat food, check the label to see the range of carbs added to every meal.

Do Not Over-Feed The Cat; provide Them With Enough.

If your over-feed your cat, it will grow fat and be exposed to health problems, e.g., Cancer, heart diseases, and breathing problems, among others. The food you purchase most probably contains feeding instructions. But you choose to do it on how best you see your cat reacting. If you follow the instructions and your dog gets fat, note that it is time to minimize the amounts you feed your pal.

In most cases, you will receive some opposition from your cat, but they will get used to time. However, this will come after it loudly makes noise for some time. If you see that your cat has that abnormal weight, consider feeding it a calorie with low amounts of fat ingredients or weight control formula, this will help you to feed it fewer calories per meal, but it will still receive the needed nutrients. Also, understand that feeding it meals with low fats could make your cat malnourished.

Know The Stage Of Your Cat  

Many foods indicate that they are well-composed and balanced for all cat stages. The information can convince every pet owner, but the food may not be what your kitten or elder pal enjoys. Therefore, ensure you feed your cat food that is appropriate for that stage.  

  • Kittens – these younger ones require food that supports their development and should include single-source protein like beef, chicken, and turkey. Every meal of a kitten should have high levels of proteins, fats, and folic acids.
  • Adults – these do not need much energy; they are less active than kittens. Therefore, they require less protein and fat. When your cat gets to the adult stage, consider changing to portion control feeding or timed meals to ensure they do not gain so much weight.
  • Senior – cats in this stage work better with foods containing low proteins and fat, so they do not gain excess weight. See that they have adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and components to aid in improving their older immune system. Meals for senior cats are made to minimize stress on the kidneys and help older cats not to get kidney diseases.


Feed Your Cat With Wet And Dry Food

Canned meals have more moisture, and cats enjoy them like that. Kibble is very suitable and affordable; you will realize your cat loves it. Ensure you balance the price of food with the nutrients they provide to your cat. So what you are supposed to do is mix them. Get a good wet cat food your cat enjoys and add it as a base to their kibble.

You should ensure you feed your cat with smaller amounts of wet food; this helps you to have less waste with cats that are grazers. Wet food does not have a long life once you take it off the shelf. Also, ensure you cover canned food and refrigerate it after it is opened to maintain its freshness and to keep it safe.

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