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Natural Hemp Dog Products

All natural, earth friendly Dog & cat collars, leashes and toys.


  • Soft
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You already know your best friend deserves the best products, which is precisely why you pay attention to the ingredients in their food ( I hope you do ). Unfortunately, many dog owners tend to overlook the ingredients, or rather, the materials in the items they put on or use with their dog and just as you may expect, some of them aren’t great for the health of your friend.

The good news is that you’re here looking for healthier alternatives and also earth friendly, and our hemp dog collars, leashes & toys are it! To get you and your furry companion started, let’s go over the real reasons your dog should be wearing a collar made of hemp or playing with Hemp toys.

Hemp Dog Collars Are Super Durable


At first, a dog collar may seem like nothing more than a colorful piece of fabric you put on your pooch to hang their tags in the case of an emergency or use when they go for a walk.

However, that emergency could very well stem from the type of dog collar you use. When using cheap fabrics, your dog’s collar is much more likely to break, which defeats the purpose of having a dog collar altogether. The collar breaks and the tags are no longer on them and your information is now somewhere lost in public, or worse, your dog’s collar breaks when you’re walking them and they’re a runner. Now, they’ve wandered off on their own with no tags if a stranger finds them.

So, a dog’s collar is much more than just that and it’s imperative to have one that is durable. Hemp dog collars are just that, made out of long, strong fibers that offer optimal durability and safety for your furry family member.

Mildew & Odur resistant

Collars made of synthetic fibers are more likely to have all kinds of bacteria and mildew trapped inside, emitting all kinds of less-than-desirable aromas and bacteria that could make your dog and your family sick.

Hemp is all natural so are more resistant to mildew growth.

Earth Friendly

Hemp grows in abundance without a need for pesticides. It grow's incredibly dense and tall, freeing up precious arable land for other crops. It needs very little water and returns 60 -70% of its nutrients back into the soil.


Hypo Allergenic - non-irritating

Dogs are like humans in the sense that they can develop allergies and have sensitive skin. If your dog seems to be scratching a lot, we highly recommend taking them to a vet and looking at the type of ingredients in your dog food, as well as the materials in their collar.  

On the other hand, if you already know your dog has allergies and sensitive skin, hemp dog collars are 100% hypoallergenic, offering them a comfortable alternative that leaves the entire family feeling good.


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