Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Dogs and Cats

Pests invade our pets in the hot season mostly. The warm weather calls for sun-basking with your pet, but you still get afraid for them not to bring in hitching pests. Pests are likely to be found in woody areas. However, your pet can get fleas and ticks in other places, not only outdoors. 

Pests invade even the urban areas. Fleas like blooming in the warm weather; they perfectly adjust in any weather and stay in interior spaces when temperatures go down. Fleas and ticks are irritating, and they can lead to weakening your pet's health system.

Bathing, combing, and performing haircuts to your pets are among the main aspects that reduce pests' invasion. Glooming your pet and performing flea medications can minimize pest infestations.

Basics to Understand About Pests Reduction

  • Fighting-off pests is essential to stopping short and long-term health difficulties from disturbing itchiness that threatens life by bringing chronic illnesses.
  • Organic flea and tick repellants are composed of citrus juice and geranium oil.
  • Including organic pest predators such as predatory mites in your garden will minimize pest invasion.
  • Ensuring your pet takes a bath, utilizing a flea comb and checking your pet for pests is necessary.

As the weather changes and the temperatures rise, your dog will be delighted to go for a morning walk or play around in your garden. When they enjoy this, the pests view them as primary targets.

It is an aspect most pet owners would not decide to worry about; however, it is good to act boldly in preventing this kind of hazard. It is best to take care than to find yourself with an affliction of ticks or a pet with tick-borne illness.

Taking does not translate to soaking your pet in chemical pest preventives. Ideally, it is terrible for pet owners to apply harsh chemicals to their pets for these reasons. Some repellants like spot-on and products similar to this may cause issues varying from skin rage to seizures and numbness.

If you misuse the product from the prescriptions given or apply a repellant for dogs to cats, the case gets alarming and deadly. The other problem is that most pets are turning out to oppose these primarily used chemicals; this means that using one is not confirming safety.

Natural Aspects to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

  1. Use organic, plant based Flea & Tick shampoos & Sprays

Protect your dog before walks, hikes, hunts. This spray is gentle enough to spray directly on the coat before going on an outdoor adventure for all-natural protection from pests, without chemical pesticides.

Protect and Repel: Use the power of plants to repel and protect against pests. Guaranteed effective for dogs and cats

  1. The pet can take a bath.  

Fleas do not hold on to the pet's fur, therefore take your dog and cat in a warm bathtub filled with water. Remarkably, the action will lead to the pests falling off inside the water. Preparing a bath for your dog continuously helps because pests do not get appealed by clean pets.

During bath time, contemplate using a natural flea & tick shampoo. After the pet takes a bath, use a flea comb to avoid any fleas that still hold on. Roll your pet with a towel, consider picking for them light-coloured towels to capture any flea’s falling-off and immerse the comb into a container of soapy water after every swipe.

  1. Ensure your house is cleaned correctly always

Thorough cleaning of your house will put the pests away. It is the only way to make pests feel uncomfortable. Vacuum the floor, carpets, and furniture regularly and pour out the trash container immediately if you realize the presence of fleas. Clean your pet's beddings and throw mats regularly. 

  1. Add organic predators

Nematodes are a kind of profitable microscopic roundworm that consumes flea larvae. You can get them at backyard areas and pet sites. Put them in your garden, and you will possibly realize a decrease in flea population between 1-2 days. Ladybugs are also organic meat-eaters for fleas and can also live in backyards.

  1. Important Oils

Essential oils like geranium lemongrass may assist in discouraging fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pets from striking your pets.

  1. Contemplate on Safety Clothing

If you stay in a sector where ticks can invade, like in the wooded or grassy areas, you can place a doggy cloth on your dog to deter ticks. Also, you can cut socks and put them on your dog's paws and legs for extra safety. Ensure that your dog feels comfortable on the cloth and it does not release much heat.

Advantages of Natural Pet Items  

Many substances are tailored towards safeguarding and medicating fleas and ticks; however, not all substances are made with the same procedure. Many apply chemical pesticides, which can bother your dog's skin if used indefinitely. The Food and Drug Administration also prohibits pet owners from being cautious of medications in the isoxazoline categories.

They have previously caused untimely impacts like muscle tremors and seizures. If you opt for chemical medications, it is essential to communicate to your vet to decide which are safe and made particularly for your pet's welfare.

On the other hand, organic solutions like essential oil sprays and shampoos are available. Pests do not love the smell of essential oils; therefore, your dogs and cats are safe from pests if you can perceive the scent. Spraying the essential oils every week during flea and tick prime time or before going for any hikes is important.

Most flea and tick shampoos have harsh chemicals that lead to disturbance and harmful infections. Applying an organic essential-based shampoo can be a superb option for safety and pest elimination.

Pest prevention is essential for ensuring your dog enjoys every moment while they remain healthy. Also, it provides you and your loved ones are free from contracting tick or flea borne illness and maintain your home to remain pest free.

Now that you have learned how to safeguard and medicate fleas and ticks organically, you can go outdoors to the woods with your pets because you are not afraid of pests anymore.

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