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Find the perfect gift for Dogs here at Happy Town Pets.


With our range of eco-friendly, all natural, earth friendly products for Dogs & Cats.

Single Ingredient Chews & Treats

If your looking for the perfect treat - try our single ingredient, small batch, Human Grade treats & chews.

With over 50 different packs across many flavours like Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Shark, Fish, Mussels, Chicken, Goat & Veal.

Do not settle and give your dog a treat that is full of sugar, flour or other nasties. We eat healthy, your dog & cat should also.

With a slow-drying process to remove the moisture from the quality products we source, resulting in an amplified flavor profile irresistible to pets. This process is all-natural with no added chemicals or additives.

Gatchews Chews & Treats


For a special occasion try our beautiful Dog Macarons.

Bonne et Filou uses only the finest ingredients to make their high quality dog treats. It just wouldn’t be luxury any other way! Made in the United States, we rely on a simple recipe to create a light and palatable delicacy for dogs of all sizes, breeds, or age to enjoy. We start with a base of oat flour, honey and coconut oil. This creates the base of the macaron, which will account for 99.5% of the treat. These three ingredients are staples in creating rich, healthy dog treats that they will love and are completely safe for them to eat. Read about each of these ingredients and what they do to make our high quality dog treats as healthy as they are irresistible:

Oat Flour: Oat flour is a low gluten and high fiber grain that is easy to digest, promotes a healthy digestive tract and is perfect for even the most sensitive chéri(e). More than this, oat flour provides a healthy source of carbs, protein, iron, B vitamins and more. 

Honey: Another digestive health staple, honey is a key component of our formula. In addition to digestion benefits, honey has been proven to reduce seasonal allergies in dogs and be a tasty and quick to metabolize energy source

Coconut Oil: Finally, we have coconut oil, extracted straight from the coconut itself! Coconut oil comes with its own full suite of benefits that support an healthy and shiny coat, immune system and brain function.

After our base is made, we then customize our treats to be as unique as the dogs who will enjoy them with the finest lavender, strawberry, or mint yogurt filling. This creates a light, airy, and flavorful filling that accounts for only 0.5% of the overall macaron.

At Bonne et Filou, we believe in nothing but the very best for our dogs and yours, even down to the filling. Our filling is made up of exclusively natural ingredients that promote a dog’s healthy skin and coat, as well as natural extracts and real ingredients for flavor. That said, we strive to make our macarons with as little ingredients as possible, never including any preservatives, chemicals or anything artificial. Our product’s shelf life is promised through the natural process of emulsification, ensuring you the finest high quality dog treats from the minute they are opened to the moment the last delectable bite has been savored.   

Dog Macarons