Tips to prevent bad chewing habits form your puppy

You open the door and gasp.... you have gotten home from work and walked into a mess of shredded toilet paper or shoes or the head of your dog’s favorite toy ripped off? If so, you’re likely wondering how to stop your pup’s destructive chewing. It is normal for puppies to chew and misbehave as they learn what is and isn’t acceptable, but this bad habit needs to be controlled as they grow.

Here are some ideas to help:


Engage in playtime often

Our tip is never to let your dog stay bored for too long! If your pet doesn’t get enough mental stimulation or physical exercise throughout its day, it may turn to destructive chewing as a form of self-entertainment. If you don’t have many dog toys that your pup can play with on their own, give them a toy that they can chew on instead of your brand new pair of shoes. We recommend the these Dog Toys   that are all natural and eco-friendly.


Supervise you pet

Not everyone can keep an eye on their dog 24/7 even if your are working from home (or in the office) and you shouldn’t have to. We understand that for working puppy parents, it can be a struggle to train your puppy properly.

Luckily, has just the right idea to help. According to their website, keeping your pet on their leash while you’re home with them will allow you to keep an eye on your pet as they learn the house rules. When you’re unable to be home with your dog, it is essential to designate a space specifically for them with water, food, and toys that are safe to play with while you’re away. 


Catch chewing habits

If there are certain times of the day that your dog starts to become devious, there is something you can do about it! Try to give them a mental exercise during this period like a Kong with a treat inside or or Rubber ball treat.


Dog-proof the house

For curious pets that are nipping at the bud to get their mouths on, well, anything they can, we suggest dog-proofing your home or apartment. This way, your precious puppy can’t get to anything they don’t need to.

For example, putting any kitchen cleaners, chemicals, or other toxic supplies up high and out of reach of your pet can ensure they don’t make themselves ill.

A suggestion is to check all of the spaces that your vacuum or other items can’t fit into, but your pets can. If there is something potentially dangerous for your pets to chew on, it’s best to remove it.


Something to chew on

If your pets need something to chew on, why not give them a Bonne et Filou macaron? Replace unwanted behaviors with a hard, chewable treat that will have them begging for more.  No matter what your dog likes to destroy, we can assure you they’d prefer to break into a box of French-inspired dog macarons.

Or choose from our great range of Single Ingredient Chews or our range of Dog Toys.