Tips To Manage Dogs In Heat

A female is in heat when it gets to the fertile session of their reproductive cycle. Heat lasts three weeks; a mongrel usually goes into heat every 6 to 8 months. Most dogs experience their first heat at around six months old, but it may come earlier than expected or later.

Most times, the reproduction cycle is determined by factors like regularity, duration, and extremity, all of these depend on how old your dog is and their breed. Your dog may experience signs that are specific to them only.   

Signs To Look Out For A Dog In Heat

Ensure you have an adjustable leash because your best friend will tend to urinate more when in the heat than before.

If your dog takes care of itself regularly, you likely won't find blood spots around the house. You will realize that the habits of your dog have changed to habits like;

  • Being clingier to other dogs
  • It will hunt for male dogs
  • Hump
  • Turn the tail sideways
  • They will look afraid
  • The dog tends to lick its most of the time
  • It urinates more often.

Female dogs do not go through pain even though they are bleeding. But being in heat can make your dog distressed and fidgety. If you realize she is going through pain, ensure you see your vet.

When Does Your Dog Start Being In Heat? 

Being in heat largely depends on the size of your dog. Small mongrels can be in heat as soon as they turn four months old. The large type may not go in heat at first until they get to 18 to 24 months old.

Normally, the first heat begins when the dog is around six months old. Even when they are old enough to reproduce, the eggs of your dog are not yet mature. Until after the second estrus cycle, the dog can have a healthy pregnancy.

How Frequently Can Your Dog Be In Heat

Also, in this case, it depends on your dog's size, breed, and age. Canines who have not undergone spaying go into heat two times annually, after every six months. Each heat rotation lasts 18 days, typically anywhere from 2-3 weeks.   

The regularity depends on your best friend, but her heat cycle should be steady. If they are not steady, your vet should be in a position to point out if your dog has abnormal issues.

As your dog grows older, the regularity of her seasons may decline. But, the estrus cycle will occur in your dog for the rest of its life. Even when your dog is not experiencing the estrus cycle frequently, it can still get pregnant. 

Stages Of The Estrus Cycle 

The man's best friend, estrus, has four stages;

  • Proestrus- the start of being in heat goes for 7-10 days. At this time, the vulva starts to inflate, and your mongrel starts to bleed. Your female dog will begin attracting male dogs, but she will not have the capacity to procreate yet.
  • Estrus- this is the time when the dog can mate. It goes for up to 5-10 days. The dog may stop to bleed, or it may slow down. In this cycle, your dog is ready to procreate.
  • Diestrus- it goes for 10-140 days. Either your dog is pregnant in this cycle, or she is in a session of rest.
  • Anestrus is a dormancy session for your dog before the incoming heat cycle, which goes on for six months.

How To Care For Your Dog When Is In Heat 

If your dog is in heat, she will need a little follow-up and management. Your dog's hormones will be more active during this time. Keeping her occupied will take away her worry and irritation. Taking her for walks frequently will work in reducing stress.

Your female dog will not only show interest to male dogs but also male dogs will show interest in her and attack her. To ensure your dog does not get pregnant, keep it away from non-sterilized dogs. This is applicable even in your house.  

If you are uncomfortable with your dog bleeding all over the house, you can conserve a little space for her to use when she is in heat. This normally means limiting her space to easily identified areas due to cleaning time, also pick areas with no carpet or luxurious furniture.

When your dog is in heat, do not allow it to go to the yard unsupervised, you may find a male dog glued on your female dog. Also, you should ensure it has its ID and that its microchip data is updated. This helps in getting it easily if it runs away.

Coming up with a hideout for your dog to sleep in with towels to absorb the blood will prevent any accidents. Diapers made for dogs can also be useful in preventing bleeding accidents.

Always visit the vet when you realize your dog is unwell. In most cases, a female dog can encounter health problems after an estrus cycle when the uterine lining maintains its thickness and releases more fluid, leading to bacteria infestation.

Can I cover up a dog on heat?   

Try a little perfume

Widely available and easy to use, female dog in heat sprays such as ​scented sprays and essential oils​ can help mask your dog's odor during her time. Menthol spray for dogs in heat emits a strong odor which helps to disguise your dog's smell. If you dislike the scent, you can also try products with scents of lavender, wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, or clove.

No matter what scent you choose, know that it will likely seem fairly potent. You are, after all, attempting to cover a scent that you can never completely eliminate. If you're bothered by certain smells or prone to headaches, masking your dog's odor with another may not be the best choice for you and your dog.

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