What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Heat damages nutrients and taste. You might be aware that steaming vegetables is much healthier for us than boiling them. By cooking food at a lower temperature for shorter periods of time, it preserves more nutrients and vitamins. When meat, fish and other proteins are heated to high temperatures it changes the structure of the protein, making it less nutritious for your dog and also harder for them to digest.

In much the same way, cold pressed dog food is also produced at lower temperatures than the traditional methods of making dry dog food, known as extrusion, and therefore preserves more of the nutrients, producing a more nutritious diet for your dog.


As the world's first cold pressed dog food made using fresh meat rather than meat meal, we cook all our ingredients at a lower temperature to ensure that as many of the nutrients as possible are locked in.


Our unique cold pressed dog food does not swell in the same way as traditional dry dog food but breaks down gently, slowly releasing its nutrients. Fresh Pressed™ is hypoallergenic, gentle on the tummy and allows for easy and healthy digestion.


A lot of pet foods on the market are made using meat meal, which is a dried ingredient made from meat that isn’t consumed by humans, including bone and variable levels of meat and tendons. Fresh Pressed™ is made using fresh, human grade meat that contains more nutrients and is easier to digest.


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