What to do with Pet Poo?

There is approx 70,000 dogs in Singapore. If each of those dogs was walked once a day and their owner picked up after them with a bag, that would be over 25 million bags used every year in Singapore alone!

It doesn’t make sense to put pet waste into plastic bags that take hundreds of years to break down.  Compostable can be composted along with pet waste and will break down in your garden at home with no toxic residues. 

Recycling pet waste can help to nourish soil which needs certain nutrients to be fertile.

Can pet waste go into household compost?

Pet waste contain parasites so it can’t go into your home compost with food scraps because using it on your garden, especially to grow food, may pose health risks.


So how do you recycle pet waste at home?

You can still compost your pet’s waste at home, just not in your usual household worm farm or compost bin. Keep it separate and far away from the food composting area. Here’s how:

  • Get a large bucket with a handle at the top and cut a hole in the bottom.
  • Drill holes all around the side of the bucket too so it is peppered with holes. This allows worms in and out and compost out into the garden. 
  • Choose a spot in your garden under a tree or shrub so it benefits from the nutrients. Some sun will help to warm the compost. Keep it away from your food composting area. 
  • Bury the bucket with the sealed lid above the ground a few inches.
  • Add carbon in the form of newspaper, toilet rolls or sawdust and aim for 1 part carbon to 2 parts pet manure. Carbon helps break down nitrogen-rich manure.
  • If you have worms in your home compost you can add those in. This really depends on how you feel about adding worms in; they will find their way there naturally anyway. 
  • Now start adding your dog pooh.
  • Every now and again add a layer of dirt wet it down and a sprinkle of active enzymes which speed up the process of breaking down the poo.

Note: If you give your dog worming tablets, wait a couple of weeks before putting the waste in your toilet. 


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