Why you should use natural dog grooming products

There are many benefits – for you, your pet and our planet - to using naturally derived, plant-based dog grooming products.

Like our own skin and hair regime, a dog reacts much better when we use more natural and non-toxic products to care for their skin and coat.


Choose lick-safe products

As dogs may ingest some of the products when licking themselves, it’s crucial to be aware of what we are putting on their skin and coats. Applying the most effective, natural plant-based products that are rich in nutrients, antioxidant and vitamins and free of harsh chemicals, not only provides a lustrous coat but keeps them safe from ingesting harmful ingredients.


Avoid chemical nasties

Studies show that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs between two and ten years old, with skin cancer being one of the most common. Some ingredients in conventional dog grooming products are known or potential carcinogens. By avoiding these chemical nasties and making sensible lifestyle choices around limiting sun exposure and feeding your dog a nutritious diet, you can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer.


Plant-based and high-performance

Select a plant-based, high performance shampoo and conditioner like smith&burton Canine Collection, which are nutrient-rich, delicately fragranced, and free of harsh chemicals. These products are not only effective, they leave a coat healthy, lustrous and with shine, they also keep your dog safe from ingesting harmful ingredients.

If it’s too harsh a product for us, it will be too harsh for our pets. Grooming professionals wash around a dozen dogs a day and, if they are using cheap, chemical laden products, they commonly suffer from red, sore, cracked hands and even dermatitis.


Understand the list of ingredients

Another common problem with chemically enhanced, mass-made products is the list of ingredients are extensive and hard to understand. For your peace of mind, choose a brand where they promise to source locally as much as they can, and from reputable sources.

A word of warning, though: not all natural ingredients are harm-free. Be wary of the use of synthetic fragrances or heavy essential oils (as essential oils are in fact natural). Products heavy in essential oils may irritate your dog’s skin. Choose a brand where the choice of natural ingredients is thoughtful, safe and proven effective, not just to get the natural tick.


Choose thoughtful, transparent ingredients.

Often ingredient lists on bottles are difficult to understand, and it’s hard to know what is harmful and what is safe. What is left out is just as important as what is put in.

That’s why it’s important to not only read the ingredients list on each bottle, but to also choose brands and products that are honest and transparent about what they leave out, as much as what they put in. Look out for lists on the labeling such as but the free from or does not contain.



A natural ingredient is something that is not artificial, but derived from our natural environment, like plants, herbs, fruits and honey. Nature’s flora and botanicals already contain an abundance of nourishing, hydrating and healing properties, as well as gorgeous fragrances, so why add to or mess with that?

What makes a luxury, natural dog grooming product goes beyond the ingredients list. The best natural grooming products are also not tested on animals, are naturally effective and are formulated and sourced in a way that is good for you, your dogs and the planet.

We believe that our dogs deserve the same natural, safe, healthy and luxurious ingredients in their grooming products.

Choosing natural does not mean compromising on performance. Choose a product that is proven effective and where the ingredients are carefully selected for the benefit of dogs, combining the best of nature and science.


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