Healthy Dog Treats

Happy Town Pets range 2 types of treats for your dog or cat

  • Single Ingredient Chews & Treats - 
  • All natural Macarons



Single Ingredient Chews

  • Australian Human Grade meats
  • All natural, single ingredient
  • Preservative, colour & Chemical free

With a slow-drying process to remove the moisture from the quality products we source, resulting in an amplified flavor profile irresistible to pets. This process is all-natural with no added chemicals or additives.

We don't add any fillers like corn or soy or any preservatives or chemicals.

Its just a single ingredient product.

Our meat is human grade and locally sourced from local Australian farmers and butchers.

What is Single Ingredient - it means there is nothing else added except the meat.  The meat is dried and nothing is added. 

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All Natural Macarons

How often do you come across a healthy dog treat that your dog can’t get enough of? How often does that treat emulate sitting on the lap of luxury, transporting you and your pet to the heart of Versailles with every savor? At Bonne et Filou, we believe that every dog treat should not only be a healthy and nutritious one, but a delicious one that gives your dog everything they deserve. Bonne et Filou’s healthy macarons for dogs are made with all natural, human grade ingredients right here in the United States, and sent to you fresh, anywhere in the country. 

Unlike human macarons, our macarons for dogs are a healthy dog treat for dogs of any size, age or breed. We thought, for as much as we love our macarons, why can’t they enjoy some of their own? Unfortunately, human macarons can be quite bad for your dog, and that simply would not do. We have made it our mission instead to create a dog treat that is just as indulgent as the classic macarons that we love so much, and thus, Bonne et Filou’s line of healthy dog treats were born! 



The base formula of our dog treats are made with oat flour, honey and coconut oil. These ingredients create the base of the macaron, which account for 99.5% of the treat. As for the filling, well that depends on the flavor! Your dog can enjoy a luxurious lavender, delightful strawberry or cool mint. Each of these flavors are created with natural yogurt, and will account for the remaining 0.5% of the treat. These ingredients are individually beneficial for a dog’s health, and are staples in creating healthy dog food and healthy dog treats. After all, would you expect the most lavish dog treats available to use any less? For us, indulgence and wellness are one in the same. See how our ingredients work together to create a symphony of the two.

Oat Flour: This ingredient is known as a natural source of high fiber, yet low in gluten for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts. Gluten or not, oat flour is a healthy source for carbohydrates, protein, iron and B vitamins to help them better absorb the food they eat.   

Honey: Honey is a natural sweetener and is a natural energy source for healthy play. Honey has  also been proven to promote healthy digestion, and even reduce seasonal allergies. 

Coconut Oil: Nothing says all natural that oil straight out of the coconut itself. Coconut oil promotes healthy function for your dog from the inside out. Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) to promote a healthy and shiny coat, and can even help with immunity and healthy brain function. .  

All Natural Yogurt: We didn’t forget about the yogurt, the crown jewel of our healthy dog treats! This yogurt is made from all natural ingredients perfectly safe for dogs (and even humans) alike including milk, dry milk, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, turemec, and all natural flavors for a delicious healthy snack.

Our Macarons for dogs are free of preservatives, artificial colors, wheat or corn. Our high quality dog treats are handcrafted right here in the United States for freshness, but have a shelf life of up to 12 months with no refrigeration. Our treats are naturally hard for your dog to enjoy a long lasting and indulgent chew while chowing down on a healthy snack. 

At Bonne et Filou, we believe that love is understanding that part of feeling like a million bucks is about feeling as good as you look. Our artisanal treats are not only stylish and delicious, but 100% natural and made with the highest quality premium local ingredients from the U.S.

We acknowledge that all dogs are awesome and unique, and deserve a healthy dog treat as special as they are. 

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